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BYS Concealer Cream Palette, Brighten, Neutralize, Conceal

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  • EFFICIENTLY CONEALS: Whatever your skin's imperfections maybe, you'll be happy to know that BYS' Concealer provides an extremely simple and effective way of doing so. With this, hiding unsightly zits or marks won't be a problem
  • DIVERSE SKIN TONES: This Concealer Palette contains a variety of tones to choose from, opening up new avenues for creativity
  • EASY APPLICATION: If you're inexperienced and are looking for a quick fix, a simple application of this concealer and proper blending will do wonders in your life
  • LONG-LASTING: You probably know how hard annoying of a task it is to keep on retouching your make-up. With this Concealer Cream Palette, if done with the appropriate application techniques, will stay on your face for a long time
  • TOUGH AND COMPACT CASING: Bring your make-up wherever you go. This Cream Palette's packaging is easy on the eyes, but it is also very durable and compact, letting you do what you need to do without worry

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