Derma Shine Pedicure Kit

Our Derma Shine Pedicure Kit consists of 3 amazing products that nourish and softens the skin leaving it smooth and supple. Pedicures are designed to provide for the basic grooming of our toes and to make them healthy and clean. In order to save our feet from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, a regular pedicure routine is necessary. It acts as a major moisturizing tool for our feet and thus revitalizes the skin making it less prone to developing cracks and blisters. Pedicures are effective in cleaning the dirt off our toes, exfoliating the dead cells, and in removing the calluses to make our skin even and soft. It's every girl’s secret to beautiful and healthy tips and toes.

Our Pedicure Kit includes:

  • Pedicure Soak
  • Pedicure Scrub
  • Pedicure Lotion
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Softens tightens, and repairs cracked heels.


  • 200 ML X 3 Tubes
Our 3 in 1 Pedicure Kit preserves skin's moisture, exfoliates the feet, promotes circulation, and relaxes the body. It’s a gift from our Derma Shine family to your family. Let’s Grow Together!

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