Eveline Expert C Concentrated Serum-Mask Eye and Eyelid

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CONCENTRATED EYE AND EYELID SERUM-MASK is dedicated for complex care of delicate skin around eyes. A formula rich in 3 BIOACTIVE FORMS OF VITAMIN C concentrated vitamin C of the new generation, Glycohyal LW and hyaluronic acid improve microcirculation, effectively reducing puffiness under eyes, lightening dark circles and immediately eliminating fatigue symptoms. Intensely nourishes skin, effectively restraining cells ageing processes, visibly fills wrinkles and shallows fine lines around eyes.
Unique formula, based on TRI-HYBRID VITAMIN C TECHNOLOGY, protects the DNA of skin cells, deeply moisturises and regenerates.
INTELLIGENT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: EXPERT C COMPLEX? INTENSELY CONCENTRATED NEW GENERATION VITAMIN C, stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibres, activates youthful cells metabolism, restores radiance to the skin, immediately reduces fatigue symptoms and delays skin ageing processes.
GLYCOHYAL LW immediately improves microcirculation, tightens weakened blood vessels and regulates lymph flow, thus reducing the visibility of puffiness under eyes, lightening dark circles and reducing swellings. Intensely tightens and smoothes delicate eyelid skin as well as soothes irritation.
HYALURONIC ACID? immediately fills wrinkles and fine lines give skin silky softness and create on skin surface the tightening hydro-grid protecting against over dryness and preventing wrinkles formation.

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