Eveline Foot Therapy 8in1 Expert Cream 100ml – NEW

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Maximum protection 24h

• Effects already after 1st application

ELIMINATES THE PROBLEM OF SWEATING AT 85%* EN EXPERT CREAM-DEODORANT 8 in 1 Antiperspirant cream based on Swiss formula enriched with menthol eliminates excessive sweating, neutralizes odor, and protects against foot and nail mycosis. Thyme extract inhibits the growth of mycosis. Sage oil normalizes sweat glands.

1. Normalises sweat glands

2. Neutralises odor

3. Ensures 24h feeling of dryness

4. Has anti-bacterial action

5. Protects against mycosis

6. Intensely refreshes

7. Softens and regenerates

8. Deeply moisturizes

APPLICATION: small amount of the cream rub into clean and dry foot and legs skin. Leave until absorbed, excess cream rub into with circular

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