Eveline New Hyaluron Second Generation 30+ Deeply Moisturizing Cream (First Wrinkles) 50ml

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NEW HYALURON™ Second Generation 30+ DEEPLY MOISTURISING CREAM FOR FIRST WRINKLES DAY AND NIGHT SPF 8 50 ml, Eliminates the causes of cellular damage that initiates wrinkle formation. Microparticles of hyaluronic acid moisturize deep skin layers and fill in intercellular spaces. INGREDIENT REINFORCING THE FORMULA: COLLASURGE LQ™ – YOUTH PROTEIN. ADVANCED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: HYALURONIC ACID, GLYCOHYAL LW, AQUAPHYLINE®, COLLASURGE LQ™, VITAMIN E, SHEA BUTTER, NATURAL BETAINE, D-PANTHENOL, ALLANTOIN.

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