Eveline SOS Professional Paraffin Hand Mask – NEW

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Paraffin • Beeswax • Oxynex K® Aloe and marigold oil extracts Shea butter, NOURISHING AND REGENERATING PARAFFIN TREATMENT, Warming mask rich in advanced active ingredients regenerates and nourishes dry and damaged hand skin. Unique formula containing paraffin and beeswax long-lastingly moisturizes, firms, softens, and smoothens. Oxynex K® complex rejuvenates delicate hand skin and protects against the harmful action of external factors. Eliminates symptoms of flabbiness, tightens skin lightens spots, and discolorations. Aloe and marigold oil extracts effectively regenerate, reinforce, and soothe irritations. Shea butter intensely cares, oils, and moisturizes. The formula gently warms hands thus allowing active substances to penetrate deep into the skin. After application hands regain their natural softness, resilience, and vitality.

MAKE YOUR DREAMS OF BEAUTIFUL AND NEAT HANDS COME TRUE! Application: apply a coat of the cosmetic onto clean and dry hand skin. Without wiping, hands put on cotton gloves and leave for approximately 15 minutes. Remove excess mask with a cotton pad or gently massage into.

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