Remington Straight Extra Wide Plates Advanced Ceramic Hair Straightener S5525

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Remington's Pro Straight Extra Wide Plates Straightener has ceramic ultra coating ensuring even heat distribution and preventing snagging and hair breakage. Advanced ceramic ultra is now 75% smoother vs. surface of the current advanced ceramic. The result? A smooth, effortless glide with every stroke for beautifully sleek and shiny, ultra-chic looks. The Pro Straight Extra has even wider plates which are for styling longer and thicker hair effectively. This combination, therefore, allows you to achieve beautiful and professional-looking results in a shorter space of time. The advanced ceramic ultra coating furthermore gives these straighteners 2 x smoother glide and makes them 3 x longer lasting compares to our standard straighteners, proving that quality has not been comprised. With a high heat variable temperature of 230 C, you can change up the heat of your straighteners depending on what style you want to achieve or what hair type you have. Higher heat is for those little stubborn bits of hair which tend to frizz. With fast 15 second heat up time, your straighteners will also be ready to use for efficient and versatile styling before you know it.

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