Saeed Ghani Rose Face Wash

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Nourishing, refreshing, and moisturizing, Saeed Ghani Rose face wash does all of that and much more for your skin.

Made with fresh rose petals, without any harmful chemicals, our natural rose face wash gives you younger, brighter & healthier-looking skin. It fights away the puffiness and acne on your skin and brightens your skin with a natural glow. At the same time, It deeply exfoliates your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The natural goodness of rose also helps your skin lock in the moisture that it receives. This keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

For all skin types

Saeed Ghani Rose face wash is available in 60ml and brings the following benefits:

• Reduces puffiness and inflammation on your skin.

• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines to give you nourished & glowing skin.

• Moisturizes skin and helps lock in the moisture for longer.

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